Client Service Week 2018
Jepkoech Kendagor  |  Oct 3, 2018  | 
Jepkoech Kendagor  |  Oct 3, 2018  |  Business

In his book, Crown your Customer, veteran columnist Sunny Bindra explains why it is important to put your customers first and how you can do it. Well, Client Service Week 2018, which runs until Friday this week is the perfect opportunity for Kenyan brands to do just that. Aside from the obligatory bulk email/SMS, the bare minimum any firm can do, some have been able to demonstrate just how creative they can be in showing their clients that they care. Although the week isn’t over quite yet, we have been able to get a good sense of companies that are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Below are some of our favourites:

  1. Goody bags and free services

There is no better way to make someone feel appreciated than giving them gifts that they did not expect. This is what Telkom Kenya did, as they went around giving some of their clients goody bags that had tons of branded merchandise in them. Gulf African Bank and Cytonn Investments were not left behind, offering goody bags to any of their clients that visited their offices. DTB was gracious enough to give anyone walking past their complex free bottled water and a free ride to town. Britam offered free medical check-ups to clients in Nakuru and Kisumu.

  1. Online competitions

Many companies have capitalized on their social media pages to run fun competitions with prizes for their winners. Safaricom, for instance has been giving away airtime to followers who were able to crack their quizzes on Twitter and Facebook. Jumia and Telkom also followed suit. It was a great way to boost online interaction with their followers as well as get some publicity for the brand.

  1. Personal visits and photo ops

Other firms felt it would pay off to leave their offices for a while and go to their clients, talk to them, take a few pictures and in some cases, share some goodies with them. Resolution Insurance visited some people in hospital. Safaricom also dropped by on some of their M-Pesa agents, surprising them with cupcakes.

  1. Discounts and coupons

Kenyans love a good bargain and Backyard Shoes used this to make their clients feel special. They offered a 10% discount on all shoes they had in stock in honour of #CSWeek2018. Several other retail shops followed suit.

  1. VIP Treatment

Some companies whipped out the red carpet treatment for their clients, having them attended to by top management and giving them breakfast spreads. Some even went as far as laying red carpets in their offices. Kenya Airways, Cytonn, KWS and Sidian Bank are some of the companies who were on their A game with regard to receiving their visitors.

Client service week isn’t over yet, and the hope is that other companies step up and treat their clients better. Beyond that, we hope to see scenarios where customer appreciation is all year round, not just the first week of October.

Did we leave anyone out? Let us know in the comments.


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